Scheel Media Solutions

Digital Imaging and Photography

Digital Imaging

  • We provide a full range of graphic design, digital imaging, and photographic services. We will scan or convert existing letterhead, logos, and photographs, or visit your business to photograph your storefront, items of interest, showcase inventory, and anything else needed to create a distinct Internet image for your business.
  • The old advertising axiom "Pictures sell" is especially true on the Internet, and we have the web design skills to present pictures and images effectively on your website to maximize their impact.
  • Take a few moments to consider some concepts in reaching your customers utilizing the power of the Internet to present your business or organization in the most flexible and affordable form of media distribution. If you have any questions feel free to call us.
  • We offer a rush (3 day turnaround) DVD slide show service for including up to 50 digital images.  Scanning prints or slides, including music, or inserting titles incur additional charges.
  • We also offer photo restoration services, and digital editing and enhancement of images (without a copyright), at an economical cost to you or your business.


  • Wedding Package $500 for up to 4 hours of services with unlimited pictures. The images will be delivered as printable, high resolution images on CD.  Three copies of the CD will be provided, and each CD will include a reprint and reproduction release.  We can photograph the rehearsal, dinner, pre-ceremony preparations, the ceremony and the reception. There is $50 charge each half hour we are requested to stay past the package allotment.
  • Other special events start at a $150 for the first hour, and $50 for each half hour after that. Additional fees may be charged for hazardous or difficult shooting conditions. All images will be delivered on as printable, high resolution images on CD.
  • We are willing and able to travel the back roads to visit your location(s) and also work functions that occur at odd hours for a minimal added fee determined by the event and travel time. Contact us for more details.
  • Restrictions: Any picture that we take that is distributed as part of a commercial advertisement must be credited to us and marked as a copyrighted image.  We retain rights to all images in whole or part for resale and commercial distribution barring establishment of a contractual agreement otherwise prior to distribution.