Scheel Media Solutions

Diagnostic and Recovery Services

Our services include diagnostics, along with data protection and recovery consulting!

  • We offer diagnostics at an affordable price: Personal computers, workstations, laptops and even the best system can fail. We perform initial diagnostics at a reasonable price, and will call you if it appears your recovery effort will require more than the usual cap quoted for the symptoms described when we pick up the system. We charge based on the amount of time needed to make a complete diagnosis of the computer problem and our ability to recover data or return the system to a usable state. In addition to data recovery, we can also disinfect your computer system of any virus, adware, spyware or malware. Most of our non-emergency system recovery and data restoration requests are charged at less than two hours of work, complete system rebuilds - including restoring existing data - usually take less than four hours charged time. For non-emergency services, we do not charge for time or data recovery and system security software is processing your data.
  • We can recover data after the following failures:
    • Database corruption
    • File system corruption
    • Hard drive failure
    • USB "thumb" drive failure
  • Our data and system recovery services are risk-free: If we cannot recover any data from the failed storage media, we do not charge for our efforts to do so. Likewise, if we cannot return a computer to a functional state, we do not charge for our system recovery effort. 
  • You pay only for the labor involved in the recovery process: After making the initial diagnostic, you will only need to pay for the labor involved in retrieving the data files that we were able to rescue.

Our customer service is dependable through the entire recovery process.

  • We are readily available for updates about the recovery process: You can call us at anytime to inquire about the progress of the recovery. If you would like to receive regular updates on the operation and about each milestone during the recovery process, you can request that we send you periodic email.
  • We offer dependable emergency services: We understand that the longer it takes to recover business critical data, the more costly the loss is to you. Although we cannot guarantee that this will always be possible, for emergency services we will attempt to complete recovery process in one business day.
  • We offer special discounted rates: When you first contact us, ask for more information about the discounts that we offer. We will give a discount to non-profits, high-volume work, and educational organizations.